2Baba appointed as UNHCR Ambassador

2Baba appointed as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador

Nigerian music legend, 2Baba has been appointed as UNHCR (2Baba appointed as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador) Goodwill Ambassador.

“These families shared heart-breaking stories of watching loved ones being kidnapped or killed, forced to flee the comfort of their homes and leave everything they knew behind. I saw how they struggled to access basic things that we take for granted – like food, water, education and healthcare,” said 2Baba. “I witnessed UNHCR’s work firsthand during my visits and commend the organization for being on the frontlines, providing emergency relief and support to forcibly displaced families. I believe in this organization and I’m proud to be associated with UNHCR.”

“Nigeria hosts 60,239 refugees in south east Nigeria and over 2.6 million internally displaced persons in north east Nigeria.  With such staggering numbers of people forced to flee in Africa, 2Baba’s support and advocacy is instrumental for Nigeria and the continent,”  said Chansa Kapaya, the UNHCR Representative in Nigeria. “We look forward to his continued incredible commitment.”


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