corona is real.

In the past times, i used to doubt the existence of corona Virus here in Nigeria. I saw no need for the lockdown order, i took it as a scheme of the Nigerian Government to embezzle funds from the UK. I go around convincing myself by saying “if covid 19 is real here in Nigeria at least i will know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that has corona virus! I became oblivious to it coupled with the constant inflation on the numbers of those that are affected daily by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control.
Recently i was drawn back to reality when my mom was informed that her cousin died to corona Virus. I pinched myself back again knowing that my theory has for the first time proved wrong😭

My moms cousin was the manager of access bank in a branch in Rivers state, port Harcourt to be precise.
I strongly believe that it is now that corona has started it’s action because if it was real in Nigeria as at the time we went on lockdown, no Jupiter, i repeat! No Jupiter will ever make Nigerian Government ease the lockdown.
A lot of Nigerians are still doubting the existence of COVID 19 here in Nigeria.
My advise for the general house is that we should still keep up with these precautionary measures put in place by the NCNC to curb the spread of Corona because we all seem to be gradually getting nonchalant of these measures. Even if it is not real, don’t take it for granted.
REPORTER : Anadi Stanislaus Somtochukwu

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