Tuke Morgan shares a beautiful saxophone cover

Tuke Morgan shares a beautiful saxophone cover of the classic “Edelweiss song from “The Sound of Music“.

She says:

Edelweiss from the Sound of Music is one of my favourite songs. I love how it brought the Von Trapp Family together so I decided to do a cover of it.

Captain Von Trapp was played by Christopher Plummer & the Edelweiss scene in the sound of music video is absolutely beautiful.

First, I sang it and then I played it on the Saxophone.

What is your favourite song from the sound of music? Are you a Fan of Edelweiss? Do you know that Edelweiss is a white flower & the song was written by Oscar Hammerstein. Edelweiss grows in the Alps, it also came to be a symbol of courage, bravery and love.

Watch and enjoy:

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