first iconic buildings built at Enugu after independence

Presidential Hotel. The Enugu Hotel Presidential was one of the first iconic buildings built after independence as part of the Eastern government’s industrialization plan created under the late Dr. Michael Okpara.
The Hotel offered 100 rooms on four floors with recreational facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and a nightclub considered best in its class. However, with many years of poor management especially by the Nnamani and Chime administration, the hotel was completely
Rundown and this led to its subsequent closure. Reports had it that the Chime administration had planned, with a team of private investors, to transform the former pride of eastern Nigeria, through a concession granted to E-Hospitality Services Limited (EHSL).An EHSL special purpose company – Prime View Hotels Limited intends to engage a suitable international hotel management company to operate the hotel after its renovation.By virtue of the Joint Venture Agreement dated 17th September 2013 between Hotel Presidential Limited, E Hospitality Services Ltd and Primeview Hotels Ltd and the Deed of Assignment dated 6th February 2014 between Hotel Presidential Ltd and Primeview Hotels Ltd respectively,legal title in the Property is vested in Primeview Hotels Ltd (PHL) for 35 years commencing from 1st of October 2013. Sometime in 2015, Primeview Hotels Ltd became aware of a lawsuit filed by a party which allegedly had a previous interest in Hotel Presidential.The said party was suing the Enugu State Government, among others, for alleged wrongful termination of a Lease Agreement in which the State Government purportedly granted it a Lease hold interest in Hotel Presidential.Prime view has been joined as a Defendant in the suit and their lawyers are currently handling the matter. This and many more has been attributed to be the reason work there has still been moving ever so slowly.In the budget for the state for 2020, 1.5bn was mapped out for the rehabilitations supposedly to be carried out in the hotel but work is yet to kick off. Who else would love to see this place up and running, we sure would.
Root: Enugu Metropolitan Network

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