The tear in the curtain

It was evening before I left. Packed everything I needed to spend the night into my pink carryon bag. I checked my reflection in the window of an abandoned car just outside my hostel. The rest of it was covered in thick red dust. It was part of the hostel decor. Nobody knew when it got there and no one can remember the hostel without it. A girl stood beside me waiting to use the window after me. Amused, I moved aside whilst reminding myself to buy a mirror the next time I leave campus.

The sun had long set behind the clouds and the sky had the red of an Indian hemp smoker’s eyes. I walked slowly on the path waiting for a taxi to drive past. I could’ve walked the whole way but I didn’t want to sweat. You would sweat enough when you get there, I told myself jokingly. Minutes after, I was seated in a taxi prepping my hair for my meeting.

He was lean and had the color of peak milk and a tiny amount of milo, just the right amount of chocolate. His height towered over mine in just the right amount. His smile felt like warm water in cold weather, warming you to your toes. His lean muscles rippled as he washed and sweat glistened his skin, his back towards me. “Baby”, I whispered wrapping my arms around his wide torso. I felt his smile expand and pull his cheeks apart.

“You’re here”, He said turning to drink my eyes with his “I missed you”. His lips curved with amusement when I rubbed my nose against his. “Go inside” he said laughing “I’m sweating”. I obediently left him after smacking his lower back. I took off my clothes and changed into his; a big shirt with nothing inside.

His eyes lit up when he saw me lying down in his shirt, fabric barely covering my ass and leaving nothing to imagination. “I know what you’re thinking, take a bath first”, I ordered. He basically ran to the bathroom and ran back smiling like a child about to get a present. His goofy grin warmed my heart like always and I stretched my arms towards him. He fit into me like a puzzle piece and stayed. His damp hair smelled like home.

“I love you. I want to stay like this forever”, he said sighing. My heart swelled with love and my eyes brimmed with tears. I raised his chin to meet his lips and my lips danced with his in rising urgency. His hand slipped down to the hem of his shirt, caressing my bare skin leaving goosebumps in his wake. I moaned into his mouth and my back arched. He moved on top of me and I felt him, hard and throbbing against me. I pushed down impatiently and felt him smile. He pulled his lips away from mine, “you are so beautiful”, he said with glassy eyes.

I didn’t respond, I didn’t think I just wanted to communicate with my body, urgently too. He smiled again and pulled me against him. Trailing kisses from my ears to the base of my neck while I squirmed underneath his lips, moaning unintelligible words. I tugged at his boxers which had become taut as a result of his hard on, he groaned. I tugged again and he pulled them off for me. With a slight smile on the edges of my lips I grabbed him while responding to his kisses with equal energy.

We moaned at the same time when our skins touched. I moved my palm deftly along his length. He groaned again from the base of his throat, “your hands, damn”, he whispered. I smiled wider and tried to continue the motion but I was rudely interrupted when he pulled his shirt off me in one swift motion leaving my breasts dizzy from the impact. With a wry smile, he bent and popped a nipple into his mouth staring at me with his deep honey eyes. I threw my head back in pleasure and trashed around him. His pleased laughter rang a beautiful sound in my ears.

The pleasure when he joined me in the beautiful ride of passion heading to a climax was earth shattering. Time stood still in a respectful salute. Suddenly we weren’t two but one, in a tangle of limb, bodies, souls and hearts. There were no secrets in this bliss, just pleasure. In that moment, I was happy to be staring above me at that beautiful tear in the curtain that greets me after the apex of our song. That tear in the curtain that has seen the peace on my face, just to have my baby sleeping on my breasts.

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