Drunk officer at Enugu shot a young man Down

Chiboy Oguegbe would have lost his life two nights ago in Enugu because a possibly drunken officer of the Nigeria police with a gun and no regard for life of the Nigerian youth thought it was best to shoot at the young man because he could. An off duty officer hit this boy’s keke. The boy was insisting that he must be compensated for the damage done to his keke, this other officer appeared from his alleged duty post on front of the First Bank he was supposed to be guarding assaulted Chiboy, took his keke keys and shot at him. Thank God it didn’t hit his head or chest, he would have claimed that the boy whose only crime was trying to make ends meet was attempting to rob the bank.

Now, the DPO of the Abakpa station visited the boy and his family yesterday at the hospital and Said they would take care of the bills as they should by the way. And that the officer who shot him whose name they’ve refused to share has been arrested and detained. It is criminal naivety to believe these people. The medical bills for Chiboy as at this morning has surpassed 130k and the Police in Enugu only brought 15 thousand Naira. We don’t know if this is for pepper or salt. We call on the state government to immediately take charge of this situation.

A young life would have been wasted in this city and for NOTHING!!! We demand not just compensation, but justice for this boy and his family and for all those the police have hurt in this town! #EndSARS

Root: Enugu Metropolitan Network


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